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Agricultural Fair

October 6, 7 & 8

Counting Down!

Thank you to the Portland Volunteer Fire Department & EMTs for keeping our fair safe year after year after year after year

THANK YOU to the following business & groups - for all your support

Adams Hometown Market


Anderson Farm Supply

Butler Construction Company

Colby Direct Delivery

Del Printing

DiMauro Fuel

Exchange Club of Portland

Fish & Game Club of Portland

Glastonbury Square Dance Club

Gotta's Farm

Hemlock Grange #182

Moore Brothers

NY - Can Farms

Petzold's Marine Center

Portland Garden Club

Portland River Valley Garden Club

Primary Landscaping

Purtill & Pfeffer PC

Savvy Swap

Scranton Communication

Thompson Landscape Improvement

Valli Construction

W.I. Clark


The Town of Portland

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