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Special Thanks

Congratulations & Best Wishes

to the 2018 Portland Agricultural Fair

& to all that made it possible


Good Luck and Best Wishes

To All Our Horse & Oxen Teams & Drivers


Draw Ring Superintendent: Rich Basso

Draw Ring Assistant: Mike Rascati


Pit Crew: 

Justin Brown - Keith Lastrina

Mark Chester - Cliff Robinson

Tyler Ghent - Scott Robinson

Sal Gionfriddo - Ray Stebbins, Jr.


Special Thanks to: 

Brownstone Exploration & Discovery Park

Clear Blue Water Systems, LLC - J.V. III Construction, Inc.

ESM Fence & Landscape, LLC - Portland Fence Co.

Ghent Tree Removal Service - Valli Construction Co, Inc.



Johnn Nadeau - Mike Lastrina - Erik Meadors

Richard & Lynn Gildersleeve - Eli Oakliff

Mike Brown - Jack & Joan Kepler

Kelly Chester - Clayton Puida

Ron & Diane Collins - Tom Sienkiewicz

Randy Feldman - Ted Lewis 



Draw Ring Photography Team:

Kevin Armstrong - Kaylee Lastrina

Arlene Lastrina - Karen Noble

2018 Association Membership

Aggarwal, Amita
Antanaitis, Kiera
Antanaitis, Tim
Avery, Christin
Basso, Donald J.
Basso, Richard
Bordonaro, Tyler
Brennan, Deborah
Burgess, Ann
Burgess, Richard
Colby, Gary
Colby, Susan
Cunningham, Denis
Cunningham, Linda
Cusack, Chris
Darby, Chris
deBarry, Carol
Dillon, John H.
Dillon, Maura B.
Dwyer, Francis
Dwyer, Susan
Ferrari, Noah
Fournier, John Paul
Fraulino, Faith
Fraulino, Jeffrey
Gilbert, Carol
Gilbert, George
Gilbert, Joan
Glanville, Margo
Gotta, Jackie
Gotta, Jim
Gouin, Donald
Gouin, Sue
Harmon, Richard

Heffernan, Beverly
Heffernan, Joe
Johnson, Margaret
Jozus, Carol
Kearns, Kenneth A.
Klemba, Jane
Knous, Fred
Knous, Amy
Kowaleski, James B.
Kuskey, Robert
Lamore, James
Lamore, Linda
Lane, Judy
Lane, Richard
Larrabee, Helen
Lasky, Pattie
Lasky, Dave
Lavoy, Sandie
Lavoy, Tim
Mailhot, Matthew
Malecky, Thomas
Malecky, Susan
Marino, Eileen
Martyszczyk, Betty
Martyszczyk, Bill
McDougall, Bob
McDougall, Heather
McDougall, Luiza
McKinley, Brenna
McNickle, Karen
Murphy, David
Newsom, Peter
O'Connor, Trudy
O'Connor, Kevin

Palfrey, Sam
Pear, Lou
Peterson, John F.
Petzold, William
Petzold, Paula
Prelli, Linda
Prescott, Henry B.
Probolus, Catherine
Rapp, Andrew
Rascati, Deborah
Rascati, Michael
Robinson, Clifford
Robinson, Eleanor
Robinson, Jeffrey C.
Sanborn, William S.
Sanborn, Harriett
Sanborn, Maureen
Scheer, Babs
Seeley, Jay
Sequenzia, Barbara
Sharr, Edward
Shovlin, Ruth
Springer, Cindy
Stewart, Margaret
Sundell, Judith C.
Sweeney, Kimberly
Thompson, Dave
Thompson, Judy
Toomey, Carol
Vibberts, Melissa
Walsh, Brian
Whiteway, Stephanie

Membership list reflects all active members as of July 31, 2018

Portland Agricultural Fair
P.O. Box 862
Portland, CT 06480


Portland Agricultural Fair would like to thank 
the following for their contributions of time, money, or materials: 

All RV
All Waste, Inc.
Anderson Farm Supply, Inc.
Rich Basso
Kevin Armstrong
Brownstone Exploration 
  & Discovery Park
Butler Construction Co.  
Colla Signs
DeBari Dairy Farm
Jeanne C. Dilworth
Dave Kuzminiski
ESM Fence & Landscaping, LLC 
Joan R. Gilbert 
Lynn & Richard Gildersleeve
Susan Hall
Joe Heffernan 
Roberta Inferrera
Emily Johnson
Tom Sienkiewicz

Mike Kirchberger
Robert Kuskey  (in memory of Polly, Bubby 

and Maggie Kuskey)
Skip Oakliff
Pine Ledge Gardens
Portland Fence Co.
Mike Rascati
Cliff & Scott Robinson
CSB Shefcyk & Son 
Jacalyn Shefcyk
Sheila Spaulding
Nancy & Walter Squier
Ann Marie Suprynowicz
Linda & Bill Thompson
Thompson Landscaping Improvement, Inc.
Valli Construction, Inc.
VFW Post 6121
JV III Construction

The Portland Agricultural Fair Committee would like to thank

the following members for their photography contributions:

Kevin Armstrong, Dave Kuzminski, Mike Rascati, Melissa Tierney and Arlene & Kaylee Lastrina. 

The Fair Committee is always looking for new volunteers in all areas of expertise to participate in the fair. 

Please contact if you are interested or would like more information.

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