Bradley Domkowski & Ashley Best
(860) 301-4557*  
*Please Title Subject: Portland Fair

Mail Entries To

Goats / Bradley Domkowski
585 Miner St.
Middletown, CT 06457

• Accepted between September 1st - September 30th, or when pens are full
• Accepted only in classes listed and in order of arrival to penning capacity
• Entry fee of $1.00 per goat must be mailed with the entry form

1. Owners must be present when animals are being judged.

2. Animals may be brought in between 8:00 am - 4:00 pm on Friday. All entries must remain in place until 6:00 pm on Sunday. Any animals removed before this time will result in the forfeit of all money awarded.

3. All exhibitors are held responsible for keeping barns and exhibit areas clean and neat at all times.

4. All Exhibitors are expected to wear proper show attire during shows.

5. Entries limited to 10 goats per farm or family / farm.

6. All entries must be submitted with proper health certificates as outlined by the State Department of Agriculture.

7. One entry per exhibitor in-group classes (Classes 13-18). Two entries per exhibitor in single classes (Classes 6-12).

8. Exhibitors must provide their own feed and hay; bedding will be provided.

9. Each recognized breed will show separately.

10. All entries will be inspected upon arrival; registration papers and health certificates will be checked at time of check-in. Acceptance or rejection of animals upon arrival will be left up to the discretion of the superintendents and or the health officials.

11. Any animals not properly cleaned or fitted for show will be rejected at the discretion of the superintendents.

12. Entries close October 1.

13. Entry Fee of $1.00 per animal.

Premiums: All winners will receive ribbons in addition to prize money.

Classes 6-17 Fitting & Showmanship (Classes 1-5 & 18)
- 1st: $20.00 Rosettes
- 2nd: $18.00 
- 3rd: $16.00 
- 4th: $14.00

Animal Exhibit Forms


Showmanship Classes

Class 1: Novice Fitting & Showmanship (First year showing)
Class 2: Junior Fitting & Showmanship (11 and under)
Class 3: Intermediate Fitting & Showmanship (12-16)
Class 4: Senior Fitting & Showmanship (17-21)
Class 5: Over the Hill Showmanship (22 & over)

Senior Doe Classes

Class 6: Yearling Milkers: 12-24 months
Class 7: Mature Milkers: 2-3 years
Class 8: Mature Milkers: 4-5 years
Class 9: Mature Milkers: 6 and over
Grand Champion Sr. Doe awarded to each breed does Reserve Grand Champion Sr. Doe awarded to each breed does

Junior Classes

Class 10: Doe Kids: Under 6 months
Class 11: Doe Kids: 6-12 months
Class 12: Doe Dry Yearling: 12-24 months
Grand Champion Jr. Doe awarded to each breed does
Reserve Grand Champion Jr. Doe awarded to each breed does

Group Classes

Class 13: Dam & Daughter
Class 14: Best 3 Females

Miscellaneous Classes

Class 15: Dry Doe (not shown in above classes)
Class 16: Pet Goat (altered males only)
Class 17: Packing and/or Harness
Class 18: Educational Display (Can be put near your pen and farm display) - Create a display that will educate fair visitors about your animals. Posters must be hung by exhibitor at check-in.