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Laurel Steinhauser

 *Please Title Subject: Portland Fair

Mail Entries To

Laurel Steinhauser
56 Prospect Street
Portland, CT 06480

Printer Friendly Pre-Registration Form (PDF)

Youth Department 

• Please describe the exhibits on the entry blank.
• Entries which require hanging must have necessary hardware.

1. Only one entry per exhibitor per class will be accepted and only those classes listed will be judged. However, the Superintendent reserves the right to expand or delete classes if the need arises.

2. Judging for the entire department will be on the Danish System (all exhibits judged on their own merits and not in competition with other entries). Multiple awards can be given in a class. Judging will be on Friday the first day of the fair.

3. Entry forms must be received by mail, no later than Tuesday three days before the fair. Absolutely no entries will be accepted after that date. The committee will accept exhibits on Thursday the day before the fair between 4:00-7:00 pm. No unregistered entries will be accepted.

4. Exhibits will be under observation at all times during the fair. Security guards will be on duty during the night, however the Association is not responsible for anything damaged, lost or stolen.

5. Exhibits must be picked up on Sunday between 5:30-7:00 pm. No exhibits to be removed before 5:30 pm Sunday. Exhibits not picked up by 7:00 pm will be discarded. Any winnings will be donated back to the Portland Fair.

Prizes - Premiums & Ribbons 
 1st: $3.00      2nd: $2.00      3rd: $1.00

Children (5-13 years old)

• Enter smaller exhibits on paper plates.
• Vegetables should be of uniform size, 
   shape color and of good market quality.

Y1 - Beans (6 pods of any one variety)
Y2 - Beets (2 samples)
Y3 - Carrots (2 samples)
Y4 - Cucumbers (2 samples)
Y5 - Peppers (2 samples)
Y6 - Squash (2 samples, any variety)
Y7 - Tomatoes (2 samples, any one variety)
Y8 - Eggplants (2 samples)
Y9 - Basket of Vegetables 
Y10 - Basket of Gourds
Y11 - Pumpkin (judged by weight, one entry)

Y12 - Gourds and Pumpkins

• Arrangement consisting of a least five (5) and not more than ten (10) varieties. Quality of vegetables, suitability of container, and artistic design will be judged.

• Sewing and Needlework
• No soiled articles accepted.  
• Please supply hangers where needed.

Y24  - Dress
Y25  - Blouse
Y26  - Skirt
Y27  - Pants or Shorts
Y28  - Vest
Y29  - Apron
Y30  - Nightwear
Y31  - Costume
Y32  - Pillow
Y33  - Sewn Stuffed Animal
Y34  - Sewn Doll or Toy
Y35  - Doll Clothes
Y36  - Any Cross Stitch Articles
Y37  - Crocheted Article
Y38  - Latch Hook Article
Y39  - Needlepoint
Y40  - Any Other Sewing


• No refrigeration available.
• No packaged mixes accepted.
• All exhibits except pies must be on paper plates. Please label your baked goods and wrap in Ziploc bags.

Y13  - Any One-Crust Pie
Y14  - Any Two-Crust Pie
Y15  - Drop Cookies (7)
Y16  - No Bake Cookies (7)
Y17  - Bar Cookies: No Brownies (7) 
Y18  - Cake (decoration only will be judged)
Y19  - Any Yeast Bread (1 loaf)
Y20  - Muffins (6 on a plate)
Y21  - Any Candy (6 pieces on a plate)
Y22  - Banana Bread
Y23  - Any Other Baked Good

2021 Junior Baking Contest 

Crafts & Special Interest                 
• No model kits accepted or paint by number (No building kits, Lego®, Kintix® or Robotics®). 
• Crafts will be judged on originality, neatness, technique, and artistic ability.
• Any artwork, collections that are too big or not properly mounted will not be accepted.  
NOTE: Published comic and cartoon characters are 
protected by copyright laws and cannot be accepted.

Y41  - Drawing/Painting
Y42  - Jewelry (may be a set)
Y43  - Artificial Handmade Flowers 
Y44  - Holiday Decoration 
Y45  - Woodworking 
Y46  - Metal Work 
Y47  - Creative Use of Recycled Items
Y48  - Basket
Y49  - Candle (dipped, molded or decorated)
Y50  - Stenciling
Y51  - Molded Articles (pottery)
Y52  - Ceramics
Y53  - Collections (must be arranged by child)
Y54  - Painted Pumpkin
Y55  - Any Other Craft


Y56 - SLIME Google up a recipe

Children (14-17 years old)

• Enter exhibits on paper plates.
• Vegetables should be of uniform size, shape, and color, and be of good market quality.

J1  - Carrots (2 samples)
J2  - Cucumbers (2 samples)
J3  - Peppers (2 samples)
J4  - Tomatoes (2 samples)
J5  - Basket of Gourds                  
J6  - Pumpkin (judged by weight, one entry)

Hobbies & Crafts                          
• Sewing and Needlework
• No soiled articles accepted

• No packaged mixes accepted.
• All exhibits must be on paper plates and labeled.
• Pies should be left in plate and labeled.
• No canned fillings. 

J9    - Quick Bread (any kind)
J10  - Yeast Bread (any kind)
J11  - Cake (decoration judged only)
J12  - One-Crust Pie
J13  - Two-Crust Pie
J14  - Solid Cake 
J15  - Any Drop Cookies
J16  - Bar Cookies (no brownies)
J17  - Any Candy 
J18  - Any Other Baked Good

J19  - Dressy Clothes (ie. party dress, gown or jumpsuit)
J20  - Pants or Shorts
J21  - Coat or Jacket
J22  - Costume
J23  - Sewn Pillow
J24  - Sewn Doll or Toy
J25  - Quilted Article
J26  - Any Other Sewing


J27  - Cross-Stitch Wall Hanging 
(counted or stamped 5" x 7" minimum)
J28  - Any Other Cross-Stitch (counted or stamped)
J29  - Any Embroidery (any article other than counted 
or stamped)
J30  - Crocheted Article
J31  - Knitted Article
J32  - Latch-Hooked Rug (not larger than 3' x 6')
J33  - Any Other Needlework Crafted Collection

Crafts & Art
• No model kits accepted.
• All painting and drawings must be junior's own work.  
• They must be framed or matted and be ready to hang.
• Size not to exceed 24" x 30".
NOTE: Published comic and cartoon characters are 
protected by copyright laws and cannot be accepted.

J34  - Original Drawing/Painting of Any Type
J35  - Ceramics
J36  - Sculpture Clay
J37  - Collections (collections must be arranged by exhibitor)
J38  - Holiday Decoration
J39  - Dried Flower Door or Wall Hanging
J40  - Pottery 
J41  - Woodworking
J42  - Toy or Doll Crafted (not sewn)
J43  - Metal Craft
J44  - Stenciling
J45  - Painted Pumpkin
J46  - Any Other Craft


J47 - Slime go to Google for recipe 

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