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State Contest: Quilt Rules

2019 Quilt Contest

Sponsored by: 
The Association of Connecticut Fairs and 
The Durham Agricultural Fair Association, Inc., “The Durham Fair”
Who May Enter: This contest is open to all residents of Connecticut; men, women and juniors. If entered by juniors, they will be judged with all adult entries.

How To Enter: Any quilt that is entered at any participating fair that is a member of the Association of Connecticut Fairs is automatically competing in the local contest. Contestants may enter the contest at as many member fairs as they wish until they win first prize. They will then represent that fair in the state contest. The state contest is held at the annual Association of Connecticut Fairs Fall Meeting.

Judging: The Association of Connecticut Fairs will furnish judges score sheets to each fair. The contestants will receive these sheets at the end of the contest. Judging will be based on overall appearance, workmanship and originality. Decisions of the judges are final.

Local Contest: The winner of the quilt contest will receive a white ribbon from The Association of Connecticut Fairs and will become eligible to submit their entry to the state contest. In the event a fair receives only one entry in the contest and that entry is worthy of first prize, the Association Rosette must be awarded to that entry.

State Contest: The state contest will be held at The Association of Connecticut Fairs Fall Meeting (check for date and location). Each fair must contact the winner of their local contest and provide information about reservations and other contest info. The Association of Connecticut Fairs does not contact the contestants.

Contest Rules:
1. All work must be completed by an individual quilt maker;
2. Work can be pieced by hand or by machine but applique must be done by hand;
3. Quilts may be hand or machine quilted;
4. To qualify for an applique quilt, the quilt must be at least 50% applique;
5. All four sides, when added together, must measure a minimum of 216 inches total;
6. No wall hanging;
7. A quilt can only compete in the Association of Connecticut Fairs quilt contest once.

1. Hand-Applique 
2. Patchwork: 
  - No tied quilts 
  - No precut quilt kits


Prizes - Premiums & Ribbons  
Classes 1-2:
1st: $50.00         2nd: $35.00          3rd: $15.00

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