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Susan Dwyer 

Please title Subject: Portland Fair

Mail Entries To

Spinning & Fiber / Susan Dwyer 
37 Pepperidge Road 
Portland, CT 06480


Printer Friendly Pre-Registration Form (PDF)

Spinning & Fiber


• Please describe the exhibits on the entry blank.
• Entries which require hanging must have necessary hardware.

1. Entry forms must be received by mail, no later than Tuesday three days before the fair. Absolutely no entries will be accepted after that date. The committee will accept exhibits on Thursday the day before the fair between 5:00-7:00 pm. No unregistered entries will be accepted.

2. Exhibits must be picked up on Sunday between 6:00-7:00 pm. No exhibits to be removed before 
6:00 pm Sunday. Exhibits not picked up by 7:00 pm will be discarded. Any winnings will be donated back to the Portland Fair.


• Limit of one entry per class.
• Any fiber may be used, please specify fiber on entry form.
• Entries must be 2 oz. samples wound in 1½-2 yard skeins and tied in at least three places.
• Judging will be based on consistency of spinning, appropriate hand and overall quality.
• Ribbons will be awarded in all classes.

Class 1: Novice Spinner - A Single or Plied Yarn (spinning for one year or less) 
Class 2: Plied Yarn from at least 50% Plant Fiber
Class 3: Fine Single Yarn (20 or more wraps per inch)
Class 4: Medium to Thick Single Yarn (less than 19 wraps per inch)
Class 5: Fine Plied Yarn (20 or more wraps per inch)
Class 6: Medium Plied Yarn (10-19 wraps per inch)
Class 7: Thick Plied Yarn (less than 10 wraps per inch)
Class 8: Navajo Plied Yarn
Class 9: Novelty Yarn
Class 10: Any Dyed Yarn
Class 11: Junior Spinner - Plied Yarn (under 18)

Prizes - Premiums & Ribbons
- 1st: $10.00 
- 2nd: $8.00 
- 3rd: $5.00

Hand Crafted Articles

• Limit of two entries per class.
• All entries must be made from handspun yarn, 
   except for felting class only.
• Ribbons will be awarded in all classes.

Class 12: Any Large Knitted Item
Class 13: Any Large Crocheted Item
Class 14: Any Needle Felted Item
Class 15: Any Wet Felted Item
Class 16: Any Woven Item
Class 17: Any Small Knitted Item
Class 18: Any Small Crocheted Item
Class 19: Miscellaneous
Class 20: Any Junior Item

Prizes - Premiums & Ribbons  
- 1st: $10.00 
- 2nd: $8.00 
- 3rd: $5.00


• Fleece must be from an animal owned by the entrant.
• Fleece must be from this year’s shearing, no more than 
   18 month’s growth.
• Fleece must be cleaned and well skirted.
• Fleece must be displayed in clear plastic bag.
• Name of breed/cross breed and age of animal must be 
   written on a tag and in the bag.
• Limit of two entries per class.

Class 21: Fine Sheep Wool
Class 22: Medium Sheep Wool
Class 23: Long Sheep Wool
Class 24: Primitive Wool
Class 25: Fine Wool, Natural Colored
Class 26: Medium Wool, Natural Colored
Class 27: Long Wool, Natural Colored
Class 28: Primitive Wool, Natural Colored
Class 29: Other Animal Fiber (Alpaca, Angora, etc.)

Prizes - Premiums & Ribbons  
- 1st: $25.00 
- 2nd: $20.00 
- 3rd: $18.00

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