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Superintendent & Assistant Superintendent

Jake Cook

Heddy Porto

Mail Entries To

Jake Cook
Attn Poultry
2 Blue Hills Road
Higganum, CT 06441

Poultry Rules

• Accepted between September 1 - October 1 or when cages are full
• Accepted only in classes listed and in order of arrival to caging capacity
• Entry fee of 50¢ per bird must be mailed with the entry form
• All birds must be banded and tested for Pullorum; Photocopies of test results must accompany entry; No entries will be accepted without the appropriate documentation
• The exhibit will be closed to the public while judging is in progress; Connecticut rules governing exhibitions of live poultry will be enforced
• Only birds of five months and older

1. Connecticut rules governing exhibitions of live poultry will be enforced. Poultry originating within the state must come from healthy flocks with no evidence of contagious or infectious disease. All cages and crates must be cleaned and disinfected after each show. Poultry vaccinated within 30 days with a live virus vaccine will be prohibited from showing. Out of state poultry must test negative for pullorum within 12 months prior to their first show date and be accompanied by such certification provided prior to cooping. In addition, all poultry must comply with the Department of Agriculture Avian Influenza requirements by originating from A-1 Free flocks or be tested by A-I within 30 days of entry and have certification of such. No poultry from areas of any state having Avian Influenza may enter Connecticut. All birds must be tested and tagged in order to be entered. For the safety and health of all entrants, the superintendent will refuse birds deemed sick, infected or abnormal entry. Only healthy, non-molting birds will be shown. 

2. All exhibitors must pay admission at the gate.

3. Tags will be placed on cages for receipt of entries on Friday afternoon from 2:00 - 4:30 pm. Animals not penned by 4:30 pm on Friday will not be judged or awarded premiums or prizes.  

4. All entries must remain in place until 6:00 pm on Sunday. Any animals removed before this time will result in the forfeit of all money awarded. 

5. There will be two divisions, Open and Junior. Juniors must be 16 years of age or younger. Same prize money and ribbons will prevail.

6. Judging starts promptly at 11:00 AM Saturday. All entries will be judged by the Danish System. The Rabbit and Poultry area will be closed to the public while judging is in progress. Showmanship judged Sunday at 2:00 PM (Subject to change, see website or Superintendent for details).  

7. All entries must be identified by Type (Standard Fowl, Bantam, Game, Waterfowl and Pigeon) by breed and by Variety (such as Barred Plymouth Rock, etc.) and Class (Cock, Hen, Pullet, Cockerel). Superintendent reserves the right to refuse any entry that has not been correctly identified on entry form. Birds will be judged by the Standard of Perfection. 

8. Feed, water and bedding will be provided by committee. An entry fee of 50¢ will be charged each bird and the exhibitor must pay admission at the gate. No entry fee for egg entries. 

9. Entry limit of 40 birds per farm or family without approval of the superintendent. 


10. If exhibitors wish to sell stock, they must be present at the time of the sale and make the necessary  arrangements with the purchaser for the removal at the proper time. No stock may be removed before Sunday at 6:00 pm. Only animals entered may be sold. Signs shall be no larger than 3” x 5”.

11. Junior exhibitors must be present to coop-in their birds on Friday and coop-out on Sunday



1st $6.00  -  2nd $5.00  -  3rd $4.00

Ribbons and Trophies:


- Junior Showmanship 

- Champion and Reserve Champion Junior -  Large Fowl, Bantam, Waterfowl, Turkey & Gamebird

- Champion and Reserve Champion -  Large Fowl, Bantam, Waterfowl, Turkey & Gamebird

- Educational Poster - top 5 winners

- Art Drawing - top 5 winners



- Best in Show in Show Open

- Reserve In Show Open
- Best in Show Junior

- Reserve in Show Junior

Prizes will be awarded for both Open and Junior divisions.


$25 Gamebird prize is donated by Nancy and Walter Squier

Animal Exhibit Forms


Class 1: Showmanship - All Junior poultry exhibitors are strongly encouraged to compete. A poultry entry is not required (Junior livestock exhibitors can show a friends bird). Classes will be broken down by age depending on number of entrants. 
- Novice (never shown before)
- Intermediate (shown 1 or 2 times)
- Advanced (shown 3 or more times)


Class 2: Eggs - Dozen clean eggs in a carton. Please note color and size 
(Bantam or Large Fowl) on entry. Ribbons will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers. 
Rosette to be awarded to Best in Show

Class 3: Breed Classes 

Class 4: Educational Poster - Create a display that will educate fair visitors about your animals. Posters must be hung by exhibitor at check in. 


Class 5:  Art Drawing - Submit an 8.5"x11" drawing of your bird (frame not required) 

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