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Horses & Oxen Drawing Forms

Mail Entries To

Oxen Draw
26 Hangman Hill Rd
North Stonington, CT 06359

Oxen/Cattle Drawing Contest Rules



Co-Superintendents:  Ted Lewis, Joan Kepler (860) 535-1126

- OXEN/CATTLE:  The Order of the Class Pull may vary from this list.

- Unless otherwise specified, three Oxen/Cattle Drawing Contests will be governed by the Connecticut Oxen Owners and Drivers Association.

- All Oxen/Cattle must have proof of Rabies Vaccination.

- All Oxen/Cattle must be with CURRENT HEALTH CERTIFICATES/CHARTS for TB within twelve (12) months of show and be made AVAILABLE for inspection.

- OXEN/CATTLE:  Use of plastic or fiberglass goad sticks are strictly prohibited.  There shall be No Excessive Whipping especially about the Face. First Violation means - Loss of Hitch.  Second Violation means - Automatic Disqualification from Contest.

- No Person under the influence of liquor/alcohol will be permitted to drive or assist in any way.

- The required distance for the Fair Pulls shall be six (6) feet for Oxen/Cattle.  Starting loads will be determined by Superintendents/Judges.  

- NO TEAM will be allowed to enter the pit area, (between the rails) until the stone boat is securely back to the starting point and pinned.  Failure to comply will result in - Loss of Hitch.

- OXEN/CATTLE:  The Superintendents/Judges are responsible for enforcement of all rules.  They shall determine the winners and shall award the prizes in accordance with the rules.  Failure to comply promptly with the directions of the Judges and Superintendents shall result in immediate disqualification of any contestant.  The Superintendents/Judges have the right to remove any participant immediately from the Fairgrounds for violation of the rules.  They shall have the right to refuse or reject any entry that they believe will not be proper.  Drivers shall name the team they are going to drive before drawing of numbers for position of order.  For Oxen/Cattle, each Driver is allowed one assistant.

- The Superintendent(s)/Judge(s) will have the Final Decision on all calls.

- The top four (4) remaining teams must pull until a winner is determined.  Owners with more than one team shall not have to pull against themselves.

- ONLY Fair Contestants and Officials are allowed in the ring.

- There shall be three (3) Classes of Oxen/Cattle, one 2800 pounds and under, one 3200 pounds and under and one 3200 pounds and over.  There will be eight premium prizes and eight rosette ribbons for each class plus a 1st place trophy for the winner of each class.

A premium of $25.00 will be awarded to any team entered in the competition and
completing the initial drawing weight of approximately 3,500 lbs and placing 9th or below.
This premium is awarded only once per owner for the day.

Oxen/Cattle Drawing Contest


3200 lbs & Under

3200 lbs & Over

























Trophies and Rosette Ribbons donated by Richard and Lynn Gildersleeve

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