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All Connecticut & Out Of State Animals

Animals shall originate from herds or flocks that meet the testing and health requirements of the State of Connecticut and must be accompanied by health certificate and test charts. All animals must have permanent identification (ear tag, tattoo).

All cattle must have health certificates issued within 30 days of the first show; test charts and vaccination certificates (where applicable) are required for all cattle. All cattle over 3 months of age must have a negative TB test within 12 months prior to show date. Cattle under 3 months of age may go on the dam's TB test chart if the dam was tested for TB within the past 12 months.

All Brucellosis vaccinated female cattle over 18 months of age and non-vaccinated female cattle 6 months of age and older shall have a negative Brucellosis test within 12 months prior to their first show date. Steers and spayed heifers are exempt from brucella testing.

For a copy of the 2023 Connecticut Fair and Show Requirements, 
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