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Judy Thompson                Holly Glazewski

Mail Entries To


Judy Thompson
112 Old Marlborough Tpk
Portland, CT 06480

Printer Friendly Pre-Registration Form (PDF)


Committee: Jeanette Connolly, Bonnie Jackson, Mary Ellen Nocera and Lucinda Patrick


Please read the rules - A list of current rules can be found at

1. Judging for the entire department will be on the Danish System (all exhibits judged on their own merits and not in competition with other entries). 

2. Exhibits will be overseen during the fair hours. A security guard will be on duty during after the fair closes, however the Fair Association is not responsible for anything damaged, lost or stolen.

3. Each exhibitor is allowed one entry in each class. 

4. Any exhibit using material on the Conservation list of Connecticut as published by the Federated Garden Club of Connecticut, Inc. or using artificial flowers will be disqualified.

5. Please classify and list your exhibits on the entry form below or in the fair book using class numbers for each category.

6. Entry forms may be downloaded from this site and must be received by mail, no later than Tuesday before the fair. Absolutely no entries will be accepted after that date.


7. The committee will accept exhibits on Thursday the day before the fair between 5:00-7:00 pm. 

8. Exhibits must remain in place until 6:00 pm Sunday. No Early Pick-ups will be allowed. Prize money will be awarded when the exhibit is picked up between 6:00 and 7:00 pm Sunday.  Any items remaining after 7:00 pm will be given away or discarded. Any prize money from entries not claimed will be donated back to the Portland Fair.


Adult's Flower Arrangement Categories

Plant materials for all adult arrangements may be home grown or purchased. No artificial plant material. Arrangements may include compositions from cut flowers, foliage, herbs, ornamental grasses or other plant materials.

1. Our Kitchen - Flower arrangement in a kitchen container and include one kitchen accessory 


2. Autumn Bounty - Fall arrangement in a basket incorporating flowers or dried materials (i.e. grasses, gourds, berries etc.) 


3. Petite Pleasures - Miniature flower arrangement in any container, and arrangement not to exceed 5” total height


4. Dish Garden - Collection of live plants harmoniously arranged in a shallow dish or container with the largest side of the container  no larger than 12 inches.  All plants must be planted together in soil in a single container.

5. Fairy Garden - Miniature garden complete with living plants and accents

6. Potted House Plants - Hanging, flowering, cactus or foliage or any combination


7. Tribute to the Flag - An arrangement incorporating only red, white and blue flowers

8. Bouquet of Herbs - An arrangement of herbs primarily from your garden in a container of your choice


9. Drama Queen - One single flower combined with minimal use of other plant material (i.e. a branch, a large leaf, etc.)

Prizes - Premiums & Ribbons
Best in Show: Rosette & prize money
1st: $5.00 2nd: $3.00 3rd: $2.00

Childrens/Young Adults Flower Arrangements Categories

Plant materials for all childrens' arrangements may be home grown or purchased. No artificial flowers.

1. "Trick or Treat" - Flower Arrangement in a live or artificial pumpkin or gourd. (Ages 4-9)

2. 'BOOquet' - Flower Arrangement in a live or artificial pumpkin or gourd. (Ages 10-13)

Prizes - Premiums & Ribbons
Best in Show: Rosette and $5.00
1st: $5.00             2nd: $3.00           3rd: $2.00

Specimen Flower Categories

Entries must contain one stem with one or more leaves for all categories. Each stem not to exceed 18 inches in length. Only one entry per class per person. All specimen entries must be grown by exhibitor.

1. Hydrangea
2. Chrysanthemum
3. Zinnia
4. Marigold
5. Aster 
6. Rose

7. Dahlia 

8. Berried Branch
9. Other - Use your imagination. 

Prizes - Premiums & Ribbons
Best in Show: Rosette and $5.00
1st: $5.00 2nd: $3.00 3rd: $2.00

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