Dawn Andrews

Mail Entries To

Beef & Dairy
187 North Moodus Rd.
Moodus, CT 06469

Beef and Dairy Cattle

• Accepted between September 1-October 1, 2019 or when the barn is full
• Accepted only in classes listed and in order of arrival to barn capacity
• Entry fee of $1.00 per animal must be mailed with the entry form

1. All Species: Animals shall originate from herds or flocks that meet the testing and health requirements of the State of Connecticut. State livestock inspector may request proof of compliance with state requirements.

2. All cattle must have a health certificate issued within 60 days of their first show from an accredited veterinarian stating that the animal is in good health and free of infectious disease. All exhibitors must send a copy of the health chart to the superintendent with their entries. The copy will be returned after the show. All animals entered at the fair must be in good health and in proper physical condition and will be examined at the exhibition. Evidence of poor condition or infectious or contagious disease will result in the animal(s) rejection from entrance. Health charts and proof of vaccination where applicable are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

3. Rabies Vaccination: All cattle shall have a rabies vaccination given by a veterinarian with a vaccination certificate signed by the veterinarian that gave the vaccination indicating the name of the vaccine, serial number and the date the vaccination expires. If this is the animals first rabies vaccination, it must be given at least 30 days prior to their first show date.

4. Registration and/or lease papers will be required for all animals except crossbred beef. 4-H lease rules will be followed.

5. Entries close October 1, 2019

6. Any entry fee of $1.00 per animal must be mailed in with the entry form.

7. Livestock exhibitors must provide their own hose with a shut-off nozzle for use of wash rack or watering of animals. Exhibitors must maintain a neat and clean exhibit throughout their stay at the fair and provide their own feed. A limited amount of bedding will be provided.

8. Selection Process of Entries: Selection Process will be based on (a) breed representation, (b) postmark dates of entries, (c) herdsmanship & sportsmanship, and (d) youth.

9. Acceptance of Entries: All entries will be acknowledged by the superintendent with either an acceptance letter or apology letter stating that you have been placed on a waiting list.

10. All cattle must be on grounds between 4:00-8:00 pm Thursday and remain in place until 6:30 pm on Sunday. Any animals removed before this time will result in the forfeit of all money awarded. 

11. Entries will be limited to 6 animals per farm/herd.

Showtime:  Saturday 2:00 pm

Classes 5-36 Fitting & Showmanship
- 1st: $30.00 Rosettes
- 2nd: $28.00
- 3rd: $26.00
- 4th: $24.00
- 5th: $22.00


The DeBari Dairy Farm trophy is donated 

in loving memory of 

Jerry F. DeBari by the DeBari family and friends.

Animal Exhibit Forms



1ポーズ¥14,000 (税抜) >> エース会員様はこれより15% OFF
2ポーズ¥24,000 (税抜) >> エース会員様はこれより15% OFF
3ポーズ¥33,000 (税抜) >> エース会員様はこれより15% OFF
1ポーズ¥10,000 (税抜)の特別価格
六切(23x17cm)  ¥4,000 (税抜)
小四切(27x21cm) ¥5,000 (税抜)
キャビネ判(17.8x12.7cm)  ¥3,000 (税抜)
L判(12.7x8.9cm)  ¥2,000(税抜)

1カット ¥3,000 (税抜)
全カット ¥10,000 (税抜) デザインページ 1ページ ¥5,000 (税抜)




おなかの赤ちゃんの成長具合にもよりますが、ふくらみのよく分かる30週(8ヶ月)頃からがおすすめです。ママの体調も日によって変 化すると思います。ご予約は直前でも変更可能ですので、体調に合わせ撮影にお越し下さい。


お腹のふくらみのわかるお気に入りのお洋服やマタニティウェアをおすすめしています。マタニティ期間を一緒に過ごした小物などあっ てもおもしろいですね。スタジオエースにもマタニティ用の衣装を数点ご用意しておりますので、詳しくはスタッフまでお気軽にお尋ね下さい。


人前でお腹を出す事に抵抗がある方も多いはず。白くて長い布をご用意していますので、それを下着の上に巻きおなかをだしての撮影も まあるいお腹がとっても素敵ですよ。お着替えは女性スタッフがお手伝いいたします。