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Melissa Kelley

*Please Title Subject: Portland Fair

Mail Entries To

Canned Goods
238 Cox Road
Portland, CT 06480

Printer Friendly Pre-Registration Form (PDF)

Canned Goods

1. Entries must be the work of the exhibitor.

2. Judging for the entire department will be on the Danish System (all exhibits judged on their own merits and not in competition with other entries). Multiple awards can be given in a class. No prizes will be given if the judges feel there is no merit. Any worthy entry other than those listed may be awarded premiums at the discretion of the judges.

3. Exhibits will be under observation at all times during the fair. Security guards will be on duty during the night, however the Association is not responsible for anything damaged, lost or stolen.

4. Limit is one entry per category. All classes require two (2) jars of the same kind for each class entered.  

5. All entries must have been canned between October 2022 and September 2023. Jars must be clean, standard canning size and labeled with Class Letter, Number, and Date Processed.

6. Jams and Jellies must be in standard canning glasses, jam jars or 1/2-pint jars. Jars must have canning lids with rings. 
No wax allowed.

6. Entry forms must be received by mail, no later than Tuesday 3 days before the fair. Absolutely no entries will be accepted after that date. The committee will accept exhibits on Thursday the day before the fair between 5:00-7:00 pm. No unregistered entries will be accepted.

6. Exhibits must be picked up on Sunday 6:00-7:00 pm. No exhibits to be removed before 6:00 pm Sunday. Exhibits not picked up by 7:00 pm will be discarded. Any winnings will be donated back to the Portland Fair.

Prizes - Premiums & Ribbons
1st: $4.00            2nd: $3.00            3rd: $2.00

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